gift wild founder katy and gift wild artist penny taking a walk to be in nature

Do you wonder what to get for the wildlife lover in your life?

Or are you always on the look out for beautifully designed, nature-filled loveliness?

Are you trying to make more sustainable choices that don't cost the earth?

You're in the right place. Gift Wild is the place you can come to for eco-friendly cards and gifts that support conservation.


The Founder

gift wild founder katygift wild founder katy gift wild founder katy


Katy, Founder of Gift Wild here. I want to provide people like you with beautiful items that celebrate nature, and support it too! I've worked hard to set up Gift Wild to be a place for wildlife lovers to find stunning cards and gifts, knowing you are shopping sustainably.

My background is a strange mix of retail and conservation, so Gift Wild is where I can combine my loves. I studied Zoology at University and went on to complete a Masters Degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation (what a mouthful!). Over the years I've had the pleasure of studying lapwings, ground beetles and water voles. Now I spend my free time birdwatching, which is the best hobby a person can have! 


The Artist

 gift wild artist pennygift wild artist penny using cameragift wild artist penny smallshire creating designs for eco friendly cards and gifts for nature lovers


While working for the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in London, I met my dear friend Penny Smallshire. She is the superwoman behind the stunning designs you see in Gift Wild. Penny does these sorts of 'doodles' for fun! I consider it an honour that she let's me share them with the world.

Penny uses three mediums to create her artwork; lino printing, pen drawings and digital designs. She is also a fellow nature weirdo who enjoys spending her time crawling around taking pictures of insects and birds, sometimes getting some funny looks!


gift wild artist penny workinggift wild artist penny workinggift wild artist penny working


The Dispatcher

gift wild dispatcher bexgift wild dispatcher bexgift wild dispatcher bex


 Last but not least is my wonderful sister Bex who lovingly prepares and packs all of your orders. Aside from being the best sister ever, she is also an amazing mum to her two young boys. I think she considers working for Gift Wild as her 'downtime'!

Apart from her crippling fear of moths and butterflies (don't ask!) Bex is a huge nature lover and knows the importance of passing this on to her little ones. Her three year old can already identify more birds than most adults!


We all want to welcome you to Gift Wild, where you are part of a movement to drive the demand for eco-friendly products, and celebrate nature too. And don't forget, 10% of all sales are donated to conservation charities, so you can feel super smug when you shop with us!
Find out more about Gift Wild's sustainability and conservation support here.
Let's celebrate nature together in every way possible and make sustainable gifting a walk in the park!
gift wild team exploring nature together